Pacific Truck School – Seattle's Best Truck Driving School, Providing Class A Commercial Driver's License Programs in Lake Forest Park, Washington and Surrounding Areas!

At Pacific Truck School, we offer 160 hours course work including (120 hours training in the truck and 40 hours of classroom instruction) at flexible-time curriculum, which allows for morning ,evening and weekend attendance. Most of our students continue to work at their present full-time jobs while attending professional driver training school.

Our program of CDL Class A prepares students for DOL written tests:

  • General Knowledge
  • Air Brakes
  • Combination
  • And All Endorsements:
  • Double-Triple


    Hazardous Materials

    Passenger & School Buses

Our training also includes:

In-Dept Study of Safety Driving at Day, Night, in Fog, Winter, Very Hot Weather, Mountain Driving, Driving Emergencies, Skid Control, and Accident Procedures.

After receiving a CDL permit, students start a training course. It includes keeping the truck under control while safely driving on the open road in highway, city, heavy traffic conditions, shifting, pre-trip inspections, training in backing maneuvers, ranger training and observation.